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Ogre (Japanese: オーガ, Hepburn: Ōga) (also known as Ancient Ogre in Tekken Tag Tournament 2)known in Japan as Toshin (闘神, Toshin, 闘) is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.He is introduced in Tekken 3 as an Aztec fighting god who is the game's main villain and final boss, along with his grotesque alter ego, True Ogre Ogres were a race of giant-kin. 1 Description 2 Personality 3 Combat 4 Society 4.1 Language 5 Religion 6 Subraces 7 History 8 Notable Ogres 9 Appendix 9.1 See Also 10 Gallery 10.1 Appearances 10.2 See Also 10.3 External Links 10.4 References 10.5 Connections Ogres appeared as giant humanoids with very muscular bodies and large heads. They stood between 9 and 10 feet tall and could weigh 600 to.

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Ogres are large, brutish humanoids of notable strength native to Draenor, which they refer to as Dawgar (the Known Earth in their native language).[11] Descendants of the various stone giants known as Breakers, the ogres were originally enslaved by their progenitors, the ogron. Eventually, the ogre hero Gog the Gronnslayer showed that it was possible to kill the gronn, which both ogres and. Ogre Bull - Ogre Bulls is a term used to describe all the fighting adult, male Ogres within a tribal kingdom or society. Bulls make up the majority of any Ogre kingdom, an unwashed mass of muscle and fat that can flatten landscapes as well as towns and villages when they gather in horrifically large numbers Ogres are found in several locations, most notably the Ogre city of Gu'Tanoth.The ogres found in the Combat Training camp can only be fought using ranged, magic or melee using a halberd. The best place to kill ogres for Slayer is directly west of Yanille, near the little island surrounded by water, although the location may be crowded with cannon users that can make training there inhospitable. An ogre is a fairytale creature and the species of the titular character Shrek. They are fear vilified around the world due to misconceptions about their nature, portraying them as man-eating beasts. 1 Behavior 1.1 Intelligence 1.2 Familial/Living Habits 2 Appearance 3 List of known Ogres The Ogres in the Shrek Universe are seen as considerably intelligent, compared to their Mythological.

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The Ogres are a faction from the Age of Fantasy universe. Note: This section needs more content. You can help the wiki by expanding it. 1 Background Story 2 Play Style 3 Miniatures 4 See Also 5 External Links Ogres are large, powerful and monstrous humanoids that live in brutal nomadic societies. Their combat style is rudimentary, as they protect themselves with their massive bellies instead. In Quake, an Ogre is a chainsaw-wielding creature that uses a Grenade Launcher as its long-distance weapon. Unless gibbed, they drop a Backpack containing 2 Rockets upon dying. The Ogre is one of the most common enemies found in Quake. Strangely, while all other Monsters (except for the Grunts and Enforcers in the Base levels) feature melee or supernatural forms of attacks, the Ogre is the. An Ogre is a monster found in several locations, most notably the ogre city of Gu'Tanoth. The caged level 56 ogres at the Combat Training Camp near Ardougne (which can be entered after finishing the Biohazard quest) are unique in that they are for ranged training only and often are visited for such by players, although they can be meleed by using a halberd Ogres are the massive, brutish shock troopers of the darkspawn horde. Dwarfing their darkspawn brethren, ogres attack opponents with brute force and monumental strength, acting as living siege weapons. Standing above even the normal ogres are the ogre alphas; these monstrosities are no larger, but are far stronger, and are usually accompanied by shrieks. They are noted as particularly.

OMGcon (sometimes stylized as OMG!con) is an anime and video gaming convention held usually around early June in Paducah, Kentucky - the same hometown as the Quilt City Ogres and Tilghman Ogres, and within driving distance of Soil Ogres, Saluki City Ogres, Gateway Ogres, Derby City Ogres, Vette City Ogres, Sic City Ogres, Music City Ogres, and Queen City Ogres. As such, numerous Ogres have. February 28th, 2016. Andy Clark of the Quilt City Ogres has been nominated for the Order of Chrétien de Troyes.Voting ends after one week. January 1st, 2015. The Tallinn City OGREs have taken over as mother chapter of O.G.R.E.s, as the Quilt City Ogres step down. Operations are now centered in Europe, and this website is now for historical purposes

Ogres are found in several locations, most notably the Ogre city of Gu'Tanoth. The ogres at the Combat Training Camp can only be fought with Ranged, Magic or Melee using a halberd; access to this area is granted after finishing the Biohazard quest. The best place to kill ogres for Slayer is directly west of Yanille, near the little island surrounded by water, although the location may be. Ogres are large and particularly ugly humanoids, they can range in intelligence and mannerisms, but tend to be extremely stupid and violent.. To qualify as an Ogre, a character must display inhuman appearances not often seen in regular Giants, making them more monster than giant

An Ogre is a monster found in several locations, most notably the ogre city of Gu'Tanoth. The caged level 56 ogres at the Combat Training Camp near Ardougne (which can be entered after finishing the Biohazard quest) are unique in that they are for ranged training only and often are visited for such by players, although they can be meleed by using a halberd. The cage can be entered through a. ogre (plural ogres) ( mythology ) A type of brutish giant from folk tales that eats human flesh. ( figurative ) A brutish man reminiscent of the mythical ogre Ogre Ogres are beings that resemble orcs, but are much larger and much more dim-witted beings that seem to be just as uncultured and filthy as trolls. Ogres usually can be noticed by being up to eight feet tall, and with extremely large muscles and often protruding jaws with fangs sticking out Ogres were a race mentioned only once, in The Hobbit. 1 History 2 Other versions of the legendarium 3 Portrayal in adaptations 3.1 The Hobbit film trilogy 4 Gallery 5 See also 6 References Ogres were mentioned in the context of the Riddle Game between Bilbo Baggins and Gollum. After Gollum asked a riddle about what ruins kingdoms and beats tall mountains down, Bilbo tried to think of all.

Ogres are mercenaries, happy to sell their skills to the highest bidder. Huge, powerful creatures that might almost have been purpose bred for war, few races can match them for sheer belligerent power and endurance, and many a war has been won by the side that hired the most. Ogres are in demand the world over as soldiers, and mercenary bands can be found across the whole of Mantica. Wealthy. Ogres are a race which dwells upon Gielinor. They originated in Yu'biusk and Bandos had legions of ogres fighting in his armies to take control. Ogres appear as huge, giant-like humanoids weighing up to a ton in muscle and fat, they have white skin and dark brown rags for clothes. Ogres have poor technology and are a tribal race with constant wars and rivalries

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Ogres novads är en kommun i Lettland. [1] Den ligger i den centrala delen av landet, 60 km öster om huvudstaden Riga. Antalet invånare är 61 120. [1] Arean är 993 kvadratkilometer Ogresare a classic type of monster popular in folklore and fairy tales. Generally accepted as evil creatures, they are most often described as being large, bulbous humanoids of hideous appearance and worse smell. Though sentient, ogres are not particularly bright, though they are ferocious and cruel. In many literary works, they are described as hateful monsters that bully those weaker than. Ogres are one of the smaller varieties of Giant. In Eberron, they are known to reside on multiple continents. 1 Origins 2 Ogre Types 3 Appendix 3.1 External Links 3.2 References Like humans, ogres originated on the continent of Sarlona, in the region known as Borunan. Today, the ogres there are born and raised to serve their Inspired rulers, much like the local humans. Presumably, ogre slaves.

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An ogre is a large creature native to Narnia. In many ways, they are similar to Trolls and Cyclopes, as they sharetheir low intelligence and massive size.Yetthey appearto be bigger and more smarter than them. They were followers of the White Witch, and attended the sacrifice of Aslan. One served as Jadis' jailer at her castle. In Prince Caspian, a few ogres survived by maybe living in the. Ogre is a creature type describing massive, brutish humanoids with low intelligence (with some exceptions) and great bloodlust. They appear in many different planes in many different forms, and are primarily associated with red and black. The first ogre ever printed in Magic was Gray Ogre, which was the only creature of the type in Alpha. Incurables are the Ogres of Grixis, inflicted by a.

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  1. The Ogres, also referred as Scopedogs by the JSDF, are giant humanoid race that can be found in the Special Region. 1 Description 1.1 Behavior 2 History 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Their large size and powerful physical strength than can swing a large hammer to kill dozen of soldiers in one swing. There appears to be some variation on what constitutes an Ogres, as some appear to be only several feet.
  2. ions and the tertiary antagonists in Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. 1 Background 2 Appearances 2.1 Adventures of the Gummi Bears 2.2 Once Upon a Time 3 Gallery These ogres act as Igthorn's half-witted footsoldiers. Compared to Toadwart, the smallest of all the ogres, they are not very intelligent, resorting to brute force under their leader, Igthorn.
  3. Ogres (人食い鬼) area demi-human race of brutish humanoids. 1 Background 2 Appearance 3 Abilities 4 Culture 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Gallery Ogres are naturally feared by many due to their immense size and strength. There are actually a few species of Ogres with unique abilities.1 Ogre Sorcerer Puri Un Vah Un Ogres range between the height of 8 feet to 10 feet. Mostly resembling large.
  4. Funktionsumfang. OGRE versteht sich als reine Grafikengine für Computerspiele ohne die Integration von Physik- oder Spiel-Mechaniksimulation, wobei sich diese über Erweiterungen (engl.: plugins oder addons) nachrüsten lässt.Eine Bibliothek für Benutzereingaben über Maus, Tastatur und Joystick, die von den Beispielprogrammen verwendet wird, wird jedoch mitgeliefert

This is what's written in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You about Ogres. Ogres often trade on their strength, despite having'better than average' intelligence. They live as scavengers, bullying humans and other faeries into giving up their food, land, and wealth. Luckily, ogres are both vain and lazy, attributes often leading to their downfall Ogres (female: ogresses) are a type of legendary monsters similar to trolls.These monsters are usually depicted as large, hideous, and manlike, though some are small and cute, like Lothar.They are most common in Norsk mythology. They are depicted as giants. There is also Ogrethor who can be confirmed to be an ogre while in the case of Lothar he could be either a troll or an ogre Ogres are a metavariant of Orks. They are shorter and squatter than most orks, often possessing larger obese phenotypes. This is possibly due to an efficient digestive system. They also possess stockier jaws and larger mouths than typical orks. Ogres originated in Germany and France, but are prevalent throughout Europe, composing approximately thirty percent of the European Ork population. Ogres are denizens of the underworld, with powers rivaling that of the gods, and namesake of the Ogre Battle.They are directly served by demons and other followers of the dark.. Ogres are feared due to their sheer power, cruelty and devotion to the dark arts. Ogres prey on humans, sometimes offering a pact in exchange for power, that always results in the corruption of the human and their. Category:Ogres - WikiShrek - The wiki all about Shrek. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Shrek Wiki. 970 Pages. Add new page. Media. Films. Shrek; Shrek 2

Ogres are enemies found in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and T he Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.Spyro first encountered them in Dante's Freezer, when the Apes were fighting against the Trolls.Ogres are a two-part enemy. When they are supposedly defeated, their armor sheds to reveal floating skeletal spectres called Wraiths with only their upper torsos with axes Ogre is the evolved form of a Goblin. 1 Evolution 2 Status 3 Trivia 4 References Ogre Ogre Shaman 1 High Ogre Ogre General Ogre King Oni: Unique species, raises Taboo upon evolving. Has a human-like appearance 2 According to Wrath the most notable differences in Ogre's evolutions are the sizes. With each evolution, the size of the individual increases. If the individual chooses to evolve into. An Ogre is a type of monster common in fairytales and folklore - often confused with giants. These creatures are antagonists of many stories and vary in size from slightly larger than a human to hundreds of feet tall: unlike most giants, Ogres were said to be hideously ugly and more monstrous than the relatively human giants. Perhaps the most notable aspect of an Ogre was said to be their. Slayer: Ogre Slayer — Kill 1000 ogres. (16) Notes . As a charr or norn, players can choose to have racial sympathy for the ogres at a certain point in their personal story. Trivia . In Guild Wars, ogre was a technical term for the creature type that encompassed ettins, yeti, and later, jotuns Ogres are a type of creature that act as bodyguards and appear in Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons. An ogre appears among a group of fantasy creatures from the game Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons that face off against the Pines family in Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons. Grenda hits him with a couch after he asks Stan, Mabel and her to complete seven quests to pass him.

Item (Quantity)RateOne of the following 4 items may be dropped4One of the following 5 items may be dropped4 Item (Quantity)RateOne of the following 4 items may be dropped4One of the following 5 items may be dropped4 The Ogre is a Hardmode mini-boss that spawns in the Old One's Army event during wave 7 in Tier 2 and waves 5 and 6 in Tier 3. He is slow but powerful. 1 Behavior 2 Notes 3 Tips 4. Shrumal Ogres are enemies in Hollow Knight. They are huge, beastly fungal creatures who have a heavily armoured cap.12 Thrash: Briefly winds up then smashes its head 7 times against the ground in front of itself, moving slowly forward. Goo Spit: Spits balls of orange goo that will stay on the ground for a short period of time Keep a small distance from it to bait its ranged attack, then dash. Ogres are large, downright monstrous in appearance, considerably dwarfing even tall orcs. They have a plump, corpulent body, chunky hands and feet and a small, seemingly neckless head. An average adult ogre stands over twelve feet tall, and his waist circumference is almost the half of his height. Most ogres are bald and only rarely have facial.

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For other uses, see Ogre. Large and powerful beasts, Ogres are a daunting opponent in singular combat and a major threat in large numbers. It is best to fight them one at a time to avoid being quickly overwhelmed. Despite their strength, they are sluggish and are quite easy to outrun and out-maneuver. With a Speed of approximately 60 or higher (can be buffed with a potion), one can easily. Ogres are giant monsters that possess magic and regenerative abilities. 1 Overview 2 Appearance 3 Known Ogres 4 References A race of Non-Prayer Characters, ogres have a fearsome reputation among adventurers. Stories have been told of several belligerents who found themselves outmatched by an ogre's strength, endurance, and capability with magic. Ogres also possess to the ability to regenerate. This article is about the race. For the specific monster, see ogre. Ogres are a race which dwells upon Gielinor. They originated in Yu'biusk and Bandos had legions of ogres fighting in his armies to take control. Ogres appear as huge, giant-like humanoids weighing up to a ton in muscle and fat, they have white skin and dark brown rags for clothes. Ogres have poor technology and are a tribal.

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Ogres are a class of mechanically augmented personnel. They appear as enemies in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall. 1 Background 2 Belltower Ogres 2.1 Description 2.2 Strategy 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 References Ogres are a class of a heavily augmented personnel of large stature. Outside of national armed forces and certain sanctioned corporate military contractors, an ogre. Ogre (オーガ, lit. Ogres) est l'équipe antagoniste dans Inazuma Eleven le Film: Tous unis contre l'équipe Ultime Ogre !. Ils attaquèrent Raimon dans le Film et Inazuma Japondans le jeu Inazuma Eleven 3mais furent stoppés par Canon Evansqui a ramené avec lui Shawn, Paolo, Xavier, Archer et Austin..

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An Ogre Ogres are a race of a creatures in Pillars of Eternity.1 1 Description 2 Notable Ogres 3 Variants 4 Gallery 5 References Ogres do a lot of damage based on their huge weapons, but also get a large bonus due to their high Intellect.2 Ogres stand between 10-12 feet tall. They are heavily muscled and typically attired in the furs, or skins, of their prey. They use crude weapons found, or. Ogres are a race of giant-kin commonly mistaken for oni. Ogres are giant brutish humanoids that delight in brutality, rape, savagery, and torture. They revel in inflicting misery on others. They are considered bastards by the other giant races except for trolls. They stand between 9 and 10-feet tall and can weigh up to 650 lbs. They tend to be lazy and brutish, preferring to rely on ambush and.

Ogres are large, brown carnivorous creatures found in the wilds of SlugTerra. Strengths Super strength, Power jumping, Stink, Huge tempers, but unlike their close cousin the Ice Ogre, their sizes aren't effected by it For other uses, see Ogre. Ogre is a creature found in The Elder Scrolls Online. 1 Combat 2 Quests 3 Locations 4 Variations 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 Appearances 8 References Punch - basic attack Backhand - basic attack Smash - heavy attack Shockwave - conal stomp, sets targets off-balance Intimidating Roar - fears player, can be broken free of Ending the Ogre Threat: Maelstrom Arena OR Ogre Teeth. Dragon Ogres are amongst the most ancient of the world's living creatures. They are servants of the Ruinous Powers and resemble nothing so much as the upper torso and head of an Ogre fused with the lower body of a dragon, hence the name. It is not uncommon for Dragon Ogres to serve as potent assault units in an army of Chaos Warriors Ogre (オーガ Ōga) is a character who appears in the Gundam Build Divers television series and its prologue. He is the builder and pilot of the GNX-803OG Ogre GN-X and the Gundam GP-Rase-Two. Do-ji's big brother. Known as Hellfire Ogre, this ever-stoic Diver will go to any lengths in his desire for strength. Ogre is always seeking powerful opponents, and continues fighting in order to. An ogre is a type of creature that is humanoid in appearance. Considered a diminutive race of lesser giants distantly related to Giganticus Lupicus, but still significantly large when compared to humans and norn.Although socially intelligent and sentient, they are primitives. Ogres are either warriors or indirect casters, such as necromancers and mesmers

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  1. Ancient Ogre (エンシェント・オーガ, Enshento Ōga?), originally known simply as Ogre (オーガ, Ōga?), is the first form of the creature known as Toshin (闘神, Tōshin?, literally God of Fighting), and is the main antagonist of Tekken 3 and Tekken 5's Devil Within mode. Ogre is the Tekken series' first main villain who is not a member of the Mishima family, though his powers.
  2. Ogre bellows are obtained by unlocking a chest locked with an ogre lock (i.e. pushing a boulder off from on top of it) in the north-west part of the cave (not on worldmap) in eastern Feldip Hills where the ogre Rantz and his son and daughter live, directly north from the quest start icon where Big Chompy Bird Hunting is started (fairy ring code AKS is nearby)
  3. Category:Ogres - The Old School RuneScape Wiki. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Old School RuneScape Wiki. 19,876 Pages. Add new page. Recent updates. 2019 Christmas event Twisted.
  4. Ogres are easily the most durable and hardest-hitting enemies in the early stages of Kingdom Rush. Big, ugly and tough humanoids, they'll obliterate everything in their path. Ogres are stronger counterparts of Goblins and Orcs, with much higher damage output and health. Ogres strike in a quick succession, effectively multiplying their 40-60 attack damage, allow them to clear out Militia and.
  5. Ogres generally resemble humans with taller and bulkier bodies that give them greater strength than most humans. However, ogres are rather limited in their intelligence, which is usually displayed in how they act and speak. They also have strong appetites, able to eat things that would normally be inedible to humans, such as rocks. Bigmouth is the ogre that the Smurfs constantly run into from.
  6. Ogre (オーガ, Ōga), also known as Ogre Gakuen (王牙(オーガ)学園(がくえん)) is the main antagonist team in Inazuma Eleven the Movie: The Invasion of the Strongest Army Ogre. 1 Uniform 2 Info 2.1 Inazuma Eleven GO 2.2 Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy 3 Plot 4 Members 5 Hissatsu tactics 5.1 Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no..
  7. Green ogres and fire ogres spawn on top of solid blocks on the surface of the Overworld, but green ogres may also spawn in caves. Fire ogres have a 25% chance to spawn in the Overworld. Cave ogres have a 75% chance to spawn only on blocks that can't see the sky (for example, caves) located under 50 or so blocks height (the surface is 64-65 blocks)

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  1. Ogres are a large, humanoid race. They are brutishly strong, and not very intelligent. With the help of alchemy, one ogre was able to break out of a prison through sheer strength. Ogres will eat Keen, although how common this practice is remains unknown.1 Aggressive in nature, Ogres sometimes attack travelers on the Feral Road.2 A branch of frost ogres live in the north, in the realm of Icewrack.
  2. gs. They are the strong and often brutal goblins and giants of Faerie, broad-backed and bloody-handed. 1 Overview 1.1 Ogre Blessing 1.2 Ogre Curse 2 Kiths 3 References Ogres resemble the big, brutish figures of folklore, like the troll under the bridge or the Cyclops of Greek myth. Ogres serve as guards, gladiators, and heavy laborers in Arcadia because of.
  3. Ogres are common monsters that normally rely solely on brute strength. 1 Profile 2 Appearance 3 Abilities 4 Subspecies 5 Rank Up 6 List of Known Ogres 7 Gallery 8 Navigation Ogre is one of the possible evolutions right after a hobgoblin reaches level 100. Typical Ogres are brown in color. Those with divine blessings however will have a skin color to match the blessing and the level of the God.
  4. Ogres are rapacious, bestial giants. They are closely related to trolls, and are distantly related to the various races of giants. The runts of the giant litter, they possess little more than feral instincts and brute strength, and they revel in the abuse of things smaller then themselves like cruel children. Ogres are quite materialistic, and are apt to work as mercenaries for treasure.

Ogres are a species in Disenchantment. Ogres were once at war with gnomes, and that may still be occurring off-screen. Ogres are similar to how they are portrayed across pop-culture. Grey or green skin, with big teeth, large features and lots of hair. In short, they are big, violent brutes. Junior, who was the only survivor of a deadly battle in an ogre-gnome war. He also had an unexpected. Ogres are large and foul smelling magical creatures with great strength. Despite their intimidating appearance, they are associated with good magical beings. 1 History 1.1 First Ogre 1.2 Second Ogre 1.3 Third Ogre 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Gallery 4 Appearances 5 References In 2002, an ogre was seen taking bets with a female creature while waiting in line to remove Excalibur from the stone.1.

Ogres have been known to be cannibalistic, but are more partial to eating Humans, Erudites, and High Elves. Nearly all of the good and neutral races avoid them out of self-preservation. Ogres have learned to work with the Trolls, but have no love for them, and they fear Dark Elves An Ogre is a wilder in Pillars of Eternity. They are resistant to Freeze damage, but vulnerable to Corrode damage. Ogres are large, thick-skinned creatures, standing between 10-12 feet tall. They are heavily muscled and typically attired in the furs, or skins, of their prey. Clubs, axes and maces of bone or wood are their preferred weapons. Ogres are as intelligent (often more so) than. The power to use the abilities of ogres. Variation of Giant Physiology. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Variations 5 Associations 6 Known Users 7 Gallery Brute Mimicry/Physiology Oni Mimicry/Physiology User with this ability either is or can transform into an ogre (feminine singular: ogress, plural: ogresses), beings which are usually depicted as large, hideous, humanoid monsters.

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Ogre legs are too stumpy for their massive forms, resulting in a ridiculous hobble which unfortunately does not diminish their speed. The ogre's upper torso is well-muscled and covered in matted, sweaty body hair. Ogres possess disproportionately long arms compared to humans, giving them an ape-like appearance Ogres speak Giant, and those specimens who boast Intelligence scores of at least 10 also speak Common. COMBAT. Ogres favor overwhelming odds, sneak attacks, and ambushes over a fair fight. They are intelligent enough to fire ranged weapons first to soften up their foes before closing, but ogre gangs and bands fight as unorganized individuals Welcome to the Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Wiki Manypages are under construction Hints and Tips Remember, we always need help with editing and putting more accurate information on pages. Please leave a message onBalthierfan's talk page to let us know about any updates we need to put on this wiki:) If you cant find anything you're looking for under the above topics than try searching it. Name: Ogres Category: Monsters of the Mind Card Number: 102 Front: Ogres Monsters of the Mind card 102 front. Back: Ogres Monsters of the Mind card 102 bac Ogres are a race of monstrous humanoids native to Eternia. They are large, powerful, and aggressive. There are at least two different species of ogres, which vary in appearance and personality. The Vine Jungle is home to ogres that resemble Bakull. They are solitary creatures that are not shown to be capable of speaking or using tools. In contrast, a mountain between Baron Grod's fortress and.

An Ogre is a class of Hive.1234 It is massive in size and uses powerful melee attacks4 and blasts of energy from its head against its enemies.1When its health is reduced to 50% or less, it can regenerate a small portion of its health every few seconds. 1 Tactics 2 Notable Ogres 3 Locations 4 Gallery 5 References When engaging Ogres, be mindful that they have powerful attacks, making almost any. Ogre (オーガ, Ōga)is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Wizard: The Promised Place portion of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle. He was a Phantom born from a man calledŌsuka (大須賀, Ōsuka)when he gave into despair. 1 History 1.1 Origins 1.2 Hunting Dragon 2 Profile 3 Behind the scenes 3.1 Portrayal 3.2 Conception 4 Notes 5 References. Lore. Ogres, also known as the Jorthkyn or Earth-kin, are a branch of the race of Giants.Unlike the Stone-giants of the Misty Mountains, the Ogres are lankier and gaunter of face and possess tanned, leathery skin.They usually remain aloof from the affairs of Middle-earth, caring little for the wars and politics of the Small Folk.However, some Ogres have been lured into the service of Angmar.

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